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Rosara 'Mousse de Crema de Torta del Casar'

This mousse is prepared with the best DOP Torta del Casar cheese, with all the personality and excellent flavour of the cheese, but in a softer texture. The word ‘mousse’ is French for foam and refers to dishes or desserts with a spongy texture. This is achieved naturally by beating an egg along with other product ingredients.

145 Ml jar - Net weight: 125 g

Ideal for spreading alone on bread or combined with red pepper, olive oil, nuts, marmalade, raspberry jam or with meat, vegetables, fish or pasta; or even as a filling for puff pastries and vol-au-vents.

Ingredients: Cream of Torta del Casar cheese (60%), whole cow milk, pasteurized eggs, salt and melting salts.

Nutritional info per 100g: 

Calories 904 kJ/ 215,9 kcal, Fat 16,8 g, Satured fats 16,1 g, Carbohydrate 3,8 g, Sugars <0,3g, Protein 12,5 g, Salt 0,96g