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Inkl. moms Leverans: 1 till 3 veckor
Den mest omtyckta Spanska osten.

Osten åldras långsamt under perfekta förhållanden så att den kan utveckla den sanna Manchego-smaken. Första gången du smakar på denna ost kommer du bli förvånad över hur länge den underbara smaken dröjer sig kvar.

Jmf pris 279:50 /kg

Manchego cheese is an internationally renowned, purely Spanish, deliciously creamy but firm and slightly piquant cheese. It is made solely in the region of La Mancha, from the milk of manchega sheep. Manchego is sold mainly in three versions of maturity: Semicurado – young is a semi-firm cheese aged around three months, supple and moist, fruity flavour; Curado – aged for six months, firm with a sweet and nutty flavour; Viejo – aged for one year, crumbly with a rich and deep peppery flavour.

Nutritional info per 28g:

Calories 89, Sodium 148 mg, Total Fat 7 g, Potassium 0 mg, Saturated 5 g, Total Carbs 0 g, Polyunsaturated 0 g, Dietary Fiber 0 g, Monounsaturated 0 g, Sugars 0 g, Trans 0 g, Protein 7 g, Cholesterol 20 mg